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  • Civic Scholars Donor Honor Roll

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors to the Campaign for Civic Scholars. Their generosity provides direct support for the dedicated faculty and students whose valuable work benefits communities, both near and far. Together with our donors, the University will continue to expand its commitment to our Civic Scholars and allow for many more to participate in these transformative experiences. Thank you!

Please note:  Donors are listed in alphabetical order and the Campaign for Civic Scholars Donor Honor Roll is updated frequently.

Kyle Adamonis '82, Civic Scholars Campaign Committee
Joseph Ailinger Jr. and Amy Ailinger
William J. Alexander and Dorothy J. Alexander
John R. Alicandro and Mary K. Alicandro
Michael J. Allwein '16
Jeffrey G. Anderson and Lori A. Anderson
Maria R. Arguelles de Gomez P'16
Beth Ann Arnold P'15
Aleya Attia and Marie A. Attia
James A. Balint and Pamela B. Balint
Jeffrey O. Banks and Cynthia P. Banks
Steven H. Bard
Thomas A. Barker P'14 P'16 and Betsy D. Barker P'14 P'16
Kerry L. Bartini '03
Jonathan K. Bass P'14 and Lynn R. Bass P'14
Timothy E. Baxter '83 P'13 HD'15, Trustee and Brenda J. Baxter P'13
James F. Beauregard '10
John G. Bell and  Jil A. Westcott
Richard C. Bellavance '73
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Stuart H. Berger and Annmarie Berger
Lars R. Bergquist and Diana B. Bergquist
Lois Bertini '81
Matthew J. Bette and Lisa K. Bette
Eric Bidwell and Deidre Bidwell
Donald A. Bisbano '83
Shari-Ann Bishop
Kimberly S. Blue
William H. Blunck and Cindy H. Blunck
Brenda A. Bolan
George N. Bolden Sr. '74 PM'05 P'98
Miriam R. Bolger
Mike Bonito
Courtland L. Booth and Reyne M. Booth
Fred Booth III '94 '97 P'15 and Karen Booth P'15
Katharine L. Booth
Timothy P. Borges and Deborah A. Borges
David M. Bottai P'15 and Pamela M. Bottai P'15
Thomas H. Bowden '76
Stephen E. Bowley '75
Steven H. Boyden and Gerri-Lyn Boyden
Robin L. Boyer P'16 and Janice E. Boyer P'16
Pauline Brazelton
Chairman Richard L. Bready HD'08, Trustee
John P. Brennan and Leslie A. Brennan
Eugene A. Brickach and Mary Jane Brickach
Stephan H. Brigidi and Julie E. Brigidi
Bristol Workshops in Photography
Joseph M. Brito Jr. P'11, Trustee and Elizabeth Brito P'11
Kenneth L. Brown '71
Gail R. Brule '78
Michael P. Brunetta and Gina Brunetta
David B. Buckler '84
Richard A. Burbine and Carolyn A. Burbine
Adrienne Burke
Richard A. Burns and Jean E. Burns
Timothy A. Burns and Kathleen Burns
Donald P. Bury and Janice M. Bury
Rodney A. Butler, Trustee and Dionne L. Butler
C. Brito Construction Co., Inc
Matthew T. Caffrey and Lee Anne Caffrey
Frank J. Califano and Christine M. Califano
Alan S. Canestrari and Nancy L. Canestrari
Theresa A. Capelo '09
Skip Carlin and Lisa Churchville
Thomas J. Carnazza and Kathleen L. Carnazza
David Carrick and Kelly Carrick
Kathleen Carroll
Thomas J. Carroll P'86 P'88 P'92 P'93 and Mary E. Carroll P'86 P'88 P'92 P'93
Christopher R. Carvalho and Colleen A. Carvalho
Kirsten J. Casale
Stephen H. Chaffee '70
Gary R. Chapman HD'05 and Karen Chapman, Trustee
Nelson K. Chin and Susan J. Chin
John C. Chipchak and Lisa M. Chipchak
Martha Christina '77
Bradford C. Clark and Mrs. Maureen E. Clark
John D. Clark and Jacqueline M. Clark
John P. Clarkin P'14 and Cynthia J. Clarkin P'14
Kirk Cleathero and Dawn M. Cleathero
Peter J. Cmaylo and Cheryl A. Cmaylo
Coastal Tile and Marble, Inc.
Lori E. Cochrane
Scott W. Coleman and Theresa Coleman
William B. Collins P'12 and Rebecca R. Collins P'12
Barry S. Comak P'16 and Melissa J. Comak P'16
Christopher J. Commans '88
Daniel W. Connery Jr. and Judith L. Connery
Mr. David Connor Jr.
Marc I. Cooper
Michelle Cordeiro
John P. Cortellessa '02
Jose F. Costa and Melissa A. Costa
Joseph W. Crawley and Maria M. Crawley
Andrew Crockett and Maria Sciarrino-Crockett
John D. Curran and Denise A. Curran
Bridget E. Daley
John A. Daley and Lisa R. Daley
Paul Daley '81
William A. Dallaire and Linda J. Dallaire
John C. Dalzell and Julianne W. Dalzell
Renee Danho
Andrew T. Davis
Kelly K. Davis
Michelle L. Davis '84
Annelise Declet
Dorothea A. DeHaas
John Delmonico and Robyn L. Delmonico
Charles A. Denault P'05 P'16 and Katharine C. Denault P'05 P'16
William A. Depietri and Beth A. Depietri
Robert J. Dermody
Michael Dibella and Barbara A. Dibella
Robert J. Dinnean and Dianne M. Dinnean
Paul M. Dion and Sheri L. Dion
Marilyn Donato
Ronald J. Doncaster
Steven C. Dorney '73
Stephen Doucette '81
Terence A. Dougherty and Christine A. Dougherty
James R. Dreyer and Karen L. Dreyer
Norman J. Dube and Marylee Dube
Christian H. Dubost P'16 and Jennifer K. Dubost P'16
Gerald E. Dubour and Lynn D. Dubour
Kevin M. Durante and Tania M. Durante
Andrew W. Dutko and Jennifer P. Dutko
Stephen J. Dyer and Margaret A. Dyer
Luke S. Ebersold and Melanie W. Ebersold
Ryan M. Edmonds
Paul Enos and Gasperina M. Enos
Manuel E. Espinoza Sr. and Nancy I. Espinoza
Silvaneide A. Fadil
A J. Falconieri and Jane Falconieri '82
President Donald J. Farish, Trustee and Maia Farish, Members, Civic Scholars Campaign Committee
Renah T. Feldman '86
Jaqueline D. Fenderson
Steven J. Fenderson*
Raul Fernandes Jr. '75*
Fidelity Brokerage Services, Inc.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Richard M. Field Jr. '75, Trustee and Karen A. Pelczarski
Anna S. Fisher
Audrey C. Flanagan '10
Patrick M. Flick
FM Global
David E. Ford and Nancy M. Stratton
Christopher Forte and Christine Forte
Martin Fortin P'08 and Betsy Fortin P'08
David Fournier and Kathleen Fournier
Jacob M. Fox and Robin Fox
Brian M. Foxx and Tara J. Foxx
Scott D. Frankel '80
Kent A. Fredrickson and Katharina Von Gontard Fredrickson
Steven F. Freedman and Linn Foster Freedman, Esq
David K. Friedrich and Carla M. Friedrich
Elizabeth F. Furtado
James P. Gaffney and Trudy Coxe HD'12
Cosme Gamez and Yaniris Gamez
Ernest Gaudet Jr. '70
Daniel V. George and Lisa A. George
Peter Georgetti and Kristin Georgetti
Michael P. Germond and Leslie A. Germond
Wendy W. Giddings
Myles P. Gilbert and Maureen A. Gilbert
Emilio A. Giliberto and Charity P. Giliberto
Timothy M. Glover and Michele E. Glover
Holly C. Goddu '04
Evan S. Goetjen '12
Arlenis L. Gonzalez
Osvaldo Gonzalez and Lisbet M. Gonzalez
Danaso E. Gomez P'16*
Paul R. Gordon and Maryanne Gordon
Michael P. Gorman ‘92
Michael L. Gougeon and Suzanne M. Gougeon
William Gould Architectural Preservation, LLC
William H. Gould Jr. '65
Donald D. Gralnek and Ann D. Gralnek
Thomas A. Gratiano Jr. and Pamela Gratiano
Felicia M. Greene
Nestor Grullon and Martina Grullon
Frank J. Guastafeste Jr P'16 and Barbara A. Guastafeste P'16
William J. Guillot and Donna M. Guillot
Romykay Hajkowski
S. Dudley Hallagan Jr. and Gaylord D. Hallagan
Lisa Hallgren
John P. Hansen Jr.
Meghan L. Hansen
Michael Harrison '84
J. William W. Harsch, Esq. and Cristina T. Harsch
David M. Hasseltine and Caryn B. Hasseltine
Andrew J. Hausig '89
George R. Hemond '72
Daniel J. Henderson and Hope S. Henderson
Robert Hensley P'08 and Susan Hensley P'08
Bruce H. Herlich and Catherine H. Herlich
Bruce H. Herlich and Catherine H. Herlich
William E. Herrick '16
H. David Hibbitt and Susan Hibbitt
Arnold S. Hiatt
David L. Hill and Lisa P. Hill
William Houck P'13 and Jan Brenner P'13
Clifford T. Hughes P'16 and Nancy F. Hughes P'16
Luigi Ilardi P'14 and Jean F. Borrelli-Ilardi P'14
Daniel V. Jacinto and Valerie Jacinto
Howard I. Jacobs and Donna G. Jacobs
Gary C. James and Gina L. James
Edward C. Janusewski P'16 and Marjorie S. Janusewski P'16
Denise M. Jenkins HD'11, Trustee
David B. Johnson and Jill A. Johnson
Robert C. Johnson Jr. and Jeannine M. Johnson
Kenneth E. Kaiser P'14 and Deborah R. Kaiser P'14
James E. Karpeichik and Elaine C. Karpeichik
Bruce R. Keeler
Roger B. Keilig P'16 and Carolyn H. Keilig P'16
Kelly A. Kendall
Daniel B. Kendig '09
Neal D. Kilson and Robin E. Kilson
Peter A. Klay '92 and Marcy J. Klay '93
Hubert Klein
Henry P. Kniskern
Amanda V. Lamontagne '08
Arlene L. Lamore
Riley E. Lamson Jr. '66
David J. Larkin and Sandra L. Larkin
Paul B. Lavallee '76
Lawrence D. Lavers and Elisabeth E. Lavers
Jerrold L. Lavine HD'09 and Barbara S. Lavine, Trustee
Donald F. Law and Sara Molyneaux
Ana P. Leblanc
Peter S. Lee and Shirley L. Poon Lee
Warren S. Leibowitz P'12 and Helen F. Leibowitz P'12
Danny Lelievre and Denise J. Lelievre
Robin L. Levesque
Kevin Lewis and Lorrie D. Lewis
Nancy C. Lewis
John Little and Robyn Little
John M. Logan and Carol H. Logan
Michael P. Lombardi P'16 and Elizabeth Y. Lombardi P'16
Marc E. Lozeau P'16 and Deborah M. Lozeau P'16
James M. Lucia and Laurie A. Lucia
Ronald A. Lucia P'15 and Louise F. Lucia P'15
Barry C. Lucier '09 and Courtney R. Montiero '05 L'08
Richard S. Lupachino and Maya K. Lupachino
William E. MacDonald and Lynn MacDonald, Members, Civic Scholars Campaign Committee
Roderick MacDougall and Mary MacDougall
Michael Madewell
Douglas T. Main and Laura Main
Brian E. Maloney and Elva B. Maloney
Michael A. Marchetti and Susan K. Marchetti
Arthur J. Margolin P'03 and Jane E. Margolin P'03
Arthur Margolin Real Estate
Aaron M. Mariano '08 and Becky K. Griswold Mariano '13
John I. Markland
John F. Marlowe Jr. and Linda C. Marlowe
Lorraine A. Martin
Louis Martinez and Susan Martinez
Frank J. Mastrobuono
Renee M. Mathai '84
Andrew D. Maurer '94 and Nicole C. Maurer '95
Mcadams Charitable Foundation
Suzanne McCarthy '09 P'04
The Honorable John J. McConnell Jr. and Sara Shea McConnell
Norman E. McCulloch Jr.
Christine N. McKenney '92
Noreen E. McKenzie
William B. McManus '82
Jessica L. Medeiros '10
Daniel E. Medkeff
Barry Memishian and Elizabeth Memishian
Jeffrey L. Ment
Wendy Ment
Stephen A. Mills P'16 and Susan W. Mills P'16
Melissa A. Mingolla
Kevin L. Moitoso '01
Seamus Moore and Angela M. Moore
Thomas E. Moran and Lynn S. Moran
Sandra G. Morel '15
Sharon A. Morley
Christopher C. Morrill and Susanne D. Morrill
Marcia Morris, Esq., Trustee and Chair, Civic Scholars Campaign Committee
Anthony J. Mosesso
Deborah H. Moye-Fuller '09
Rebecca A. Murphy '12
Warren D. Nasby and Susan L. Sekora-Nasby
Mark F. Nason
Nationwide Insurance
Nationwide Insurance Enterprise Fdn.
Robert A. Nemec III and Lynn S. Nemec
Kevin P. Nerwinski and Judith L. Nerwinski
Roland Neumann P'16
Richard F. Newhall P'16 and Pamela E. Newhall P'16
Valerie R. Nicholas
Eugene F. Nichols '70
Erich R. Nitzsche
Laroy Nolte and Ardell Nolte
Frank Noonan and Patricia Noonan
Richard K. Noyes P'14 and Ruth S. Noyes P'14
Edward O'Hara and Elissa D. O'Hara
Sean M. O'Leary and Theresa E. O'Leary
Joshua P. Orosz '13
Sharon Orser-Jackson '91
Cesi Ozturkkan
Paul A. Pabis '83 '97 and Patrice Wood
Jose M. Paiva and Normenia M. Paiva
The Honorable Joseph R. Paolino, Jr. '78 and Lianne Paolino
Kristie L. Parisee
Anthony J. Parrella and Sheryl L. Parrella
Jeffrey D. Pasco and Sherri A. Pasco
Katherine M. Pender-Flaherty
Nicholas T. Penny and Natalie Penny
James B. Peregoy P'16 and Alice B. Cary P'16
George L. Pereira '86
Nadine Petruccelli
Hernan Pineda and Patricia Gomez
Trevor M. Poissant and Lynn A. Poissant
Kevin E. Pollard '12
Todd R. Provost P'16 and Stacey L. Provost P'16
Eric M. Quinn
Judith H. Quinn
Lisa J. Raiola
Nancy L. Ramos '92 '94 P'10
James F. Reardon P'13 and Susan T. Reardon P'13
Todd Rechler '93, Trustee
Michael J. Redfearn P'16 and Barbara J. Lee P'16
Frank Reiser and Kimberley Reiser
Ann L. Renzi
Michael Resch and Martha Resch
Susan G. Reyes
Lynn Rhodes
Steven A. Rich and Sharon M. Rich
Jason K. Ridings '09
Michael S. Riglietti and Lorraine L. Riglietti
Edward F. Rizy
Leonore L. Rizy
Stephanie M. Rocha
Jon E. Rochette and Lynn A. Rochette
James J. Rodger '82
Victor Rodrigues
Nathan M. Rohman '13
Teresa L. Rolando
Jon E. Rosenblum '83
Kevin E. Roth and Anjanette D. Roth
Sophie E. Rubin
Michael C. Runyan and Tina A. Runyan
Randall J. Rushin and Diane Rushin
Amanda Russo
James J. Russo and Roseann Russo
Edmund J. Ryan and Ruth L. Ryan
John H. Ryther P'15 and Charlotte M. Cogswell P'15
Richard Saad and Charlene A. Saad
Jonathan M. Sachs
Carlton E. Sanford '75
Joseph P. Sannicandro and Elisabeth K. Sannicandro
Robert Santoro and Elizabeth K. Santoro
Andrew J. Sardinha and Rachel J. Sardinha
Kelly A. Scafariello '00
Brian J. Scally and Catherine M. Scally
Robin A. Scanlon
James Scavetta and Faith Scavetta
Douglas M. Schanz and Kelli A. Schanz
Eric C. Schmigle '00 M'01
Ronald W. Scofield '15
Mark P. Scott
Richard C. Seavey and Susan L. Seavey
Andre U. Segatti '81
Russell S. Serpa P’09 and Lydia Serpa P’09
Daniel J. Shanahan and Kimberly A. Shanahan
Deming E. Sherman, Esq.
Jennifer D. Silva
Matthew S. Slater '94
Eric A. Smith
John L. Smith '81
Joseph E. Sojka Jr. and Carol A. Sojka
Thomas Sokira and Barbara Sokira
Belynda Sousa
Christopher Spaight '85
Edward C. Spinella and Lisa M. Spinella
Douglas Spoor and Julie W. Spoor
Leon Stamas and Rina A. Stamas
Ernest E. Stempel Foundation
Enos Stevens Jr. P'16 and Laura F. Stevens P'16
Carl Stewart and Patricia Stewart
William A. Strake '79
Edward C. Strong and Laurie W. Strong
Daniel R. Sweeney and Jennifer E. Sweeney
Shivan S. Subramanian
Matthew S. Swensen '13
Michael Szostak and M. Anne Szostak HD'94
Sharon J. Szostkiewicz
Elise Teasdale
Bryan S. Terzian Sr. and Anna Terzian
Neal Tesler and Kristi Tesler
Gavin M. Thill
Karen N. Thiruvalam
Joseph J. Thomas '80 and Gail I. Thomas '94
Claire D. Thompson PM'16 P'14
Peter Thomson and Holly A. Thomson
Victoria J. Thomson
Veronica H. Threadgill '05
Amy B. Tiberio
Lauren J. Tierney '13
Rocco B. Timpano and Mary E. Timpano
David A. Toth Sr. and Claire A. Toth
William E. Tracey '00
Minh Trinh and Ying Chen
Sophat Try and Neang Srey
Amanda J. Tsapatsaris '09
Michael J. Tuohy P'14 and Mary K. Tuohy P'14
United Way of Rhode Island
Richard Van Etten and Sarah Allen
Adam P. Vanvoorhis and Samantha L. Vanvoorhis
John Vasaturo and Lisa Vasaturo
Carlos P. Vasconez and Uvelinda Vasconez
Eugene J. Vetrano and Christine A. Vetrano
Renato Vileta '71
Arlene Violet, Esq., Trustee and Member, Civic Scholars Campaign Committee
W B Mason
Paul J. Waclawski and Julieann K. Waclawski
David R. Wagner
Jon D. Waisnor P'13 P'14 and Anne M. Waisnor P'13 P'14
David B. Watt and Deborah Z. Watt
Lloyd D. Watt
Christopher R. Weber '15
Hans-Peter Weber P'15 and Cheryl Weber P'15
Diane Wegner
Douglas W. Werner P’16 and Jean S. Werner P’16
Charles A. Wernquest '85
Joyce Whetstone P'02
Richard P. White and Deborah L. White
Herb Wieland and Elizabeth Wieland
Peter B. Wilbur M'06
Justin E. Wilder
Richard J. Wilkinson
James D. Wilmes P'09 and Deborah Wilmes P'09
Olivia E. Windham
James R. Winoker HD'88 and Marilyn Winoker
Mary T. Wise '93
Robert Wolek and Lucyna Wolek
William Woodward P'02
Provost Andrew Workman and Mary Beth Faustine
Kelsa L. Zereski
Marc E. Zukovich P'15
Michael F. Zurcher and Karen C. Zurcher

* = Deceased